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Hi, I’m John njahia Kiarie.

John Njahia Kiarie is a Motivational Speaker, An Author of 12 Principles of Wealth Creation Empowerment, A Mentor, Life Coach and Business Coach. Njahia delivers his message through the power of storytelling. Njahia was born in Kenya in a Small Town called Ruiru between Nairobi and Thika. 

Motivational Speaker


of 12 Principles of Wealth Creation Empowerment.

A Mentor, Life Coach and Business Coach


What John does

John Njahia is Also An Activist presenter of Hope For African TV channel. He is Pushing on Blacks and African to Unite. All Blacks and Africans all over the world to Speak in One Voice. Calling for African Countries Autonomy and single currency as soon as possible. 

He was born in a family of 3 brothers and 2 sisters. His second brother Fr Andrew Mwaura passed away on 30 june 2017. Only his Mother is alive as a parent.

Njahia was born in a very poor family, basic needs were just a luxury. They had no running water, they used firewood for fuel. They lived in a mud house, and basic needs of food and clothing was a constant struggle, 

Despite these prevailing poor conditions their mum spoke to them with a great Vision, that future was bright. Their mum spoke to them of how in the future they would become responsible people. Their mum would always remind them this proverb that “ Poverty has no roots “. Through story telling their mum taught them many lessons ranging from good behaviour, courage, diligence, generosity, God Fearing, kindness, vision and wisdom among others.

Their mum had this vision that one day they would grow up and take charge of their own lives. Their mum instilled in them that they could become anything they wanted, 

Their mum had envisioned what is happening today  that,

  1.  a}. Her Children would take responsibility of their own families.
  2.  b). Her Children would be responsible helping the community and 
  3.  c). Her Children gonna be part of building the Nation.

Mr Njahia Says, what he is and what he can be he owes it to his Mother who shaped their attitude about life.   Lucky to have a mother who is a great Mentor, Njahia says.

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