Helping you to fulfill YOUR purpose

life coaching


Life Coaching is Helping Individuals fulfill their purpose. Most people go through life blindfolded. Most people unfortunately chase careers not purpose. Very few people follow careers that really has nothing to do with their purpose in life. A Career is what you think you can do while your purpose is built in you. God created each one of us with a purpose to come here on Earth and fulfill it.

Have you ever heard people telling someone that they have a potential to do or be something, it’s one of the early indications there is something in you that need to manifest.

I will help you navigate through your life to finally come up with your own understanding of your purpose in life. 

There are a few indication that you have found your life purpose, they are as follows

  • a]. You Love What YOU DO.
  • b]. You never get tired of  it.
  • c]. Difficulty circumstances of pursuing your purpose do not deter you.
  • d]. You derive joy.
  • e]. You always find new ways of navigation.
  • f]. Your work makes yourself believe in yourself more.
  • g]. Purpose does not take no for an answer.

Simple answer is, you will feel it when your purpose is shown or revealed to you.  I have gone through it and that’s why I am willing to help individuals find their purpose in life.  

Other things that might entail Life Coaching is coping with difficult life, children, bad working conditions, marriage, bad boss, loss of Job, Business going down etc.

Please be patient because I am dealing with a large number of people that need help and advice on how to cope with life during the COVID-19 Lockdown.