John Njahia is Also An Activist presenter of Hope For African TV channel. He is Pushing on Blacks and African to Unite. All Blacks and Africans all over the world to Speak in One Voice. Calling for African Countries Autonomy and single currency as soon as possible.

Hope for Africa is an organisation that I have felt necessary to start to give hope to all Blacks and Africans all over the world. I felt we needed to come together in Unity and speak with one voice irrespective where we are. You Could be in Africa, Europe, America, Caribbean or any part of the world.

Due To COVID-19 LOCK DOWN a few issues have emerged that we can longer accept to happen to our Dear Africans and Blacks.

One notable thing that we have all witnessed is the mistreatment of blacks in China. They have been thrown out of Hotels, their houses, restriction of not allowed to use supermarkets and Restaurants.

Other emerging images is the Museum where Chinese have displayed Africans comparing them with Animals.  

These revelation of events have made us realise that we are dealing with an enemy, but not a friend. On the contrary Chinese people have been treated with a red carpet whenever they go in Africa. We have allowed them to own property and business and some are even stealing from us.  Our Governments have allowed them to come to our country without permits, mine, farm and do big and small businesses

 As we have realised China has a plan to take over Africa. China has immigrated to Africa and Caribbean in Large no.

China has been giving African and Caribbean Countries loans to develop themselves with an agenda to take over if they can not pay the loans.

Another reason for Hope for Africa is to refuse the narration that Africans, Blacks and minorities are dying from Corona-virus. From America and Europe they have started this narration that blacks and ethinic minority are dying from corona-virus. They also said they want to test Corona-virus Vaccine in Africa.

The above scenario of events have made us realise that it’s time to talk and voice ourselves as one united body to refuse any intimidation from the western world, take a new stand on Vision of Africa, start creating a Leadership mentality that will guide the next generations to come to  a renewed Vision of Africa.